New Company Solves Fluid Flow Problems

Engineering Sessions is a new South African company whose main interest is in solving industry’s fluid flow problems. They have bought a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package (EFD.Lab) to aid them in finding the solutions and hope to capture a niche market of producing engineering answers quickly.

EFD.Lab is a German software package that uses a form of CFD called Engineering Fluid Dynamics; as opposed to CFD code that is written for the specialist, EFD is designed for the engineer and is goal-driven. EFD.Lab is fully integrated into SolidWorks and has the capability to import solid models in a variety of formats. It can analyse, for example, compressible gas (sub-, trans-, super-sonic), liquid (Newtonian, Non-Newtonian) and heat transfer (conduction, convection, surface-to-surface radiation) steady-state and time-dependent problems. It works directly on the native solid body – detecting the fluid region by the user specifying the flow inlets and outlets – and thus does not require the fluid region to be converted into a solid to be meshed. Swift pre-processing of the model combined with the software algorithms can yield results quickly.

Some of the problems that Engineering Sessions have so-far addressed include the determination of the dynamic torques on a 800mm Butterfly Valve Disc (see Figure 1), the flow characteristics of a special valve used in a mining application (Figure 2), and Possible work include problems with mixing and heat transfer.

For further enquiry, please contact Nicholas Sessions on 083.299.1194.

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