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February 2008 Engineering Sessions purchases the EFD.Library that adds a whole range of materials and their properties to the basic one that comes with the standard EFD package

February 2008 Engineering Sessions purchases the EFD.Electronics module - an add-on to the EFD package that includes simulation of Joule heating, compact-models for IC components, heat pipes, and thermoelectric coolers

February 2008 Engineering Sessions purchases a system of Thermochron iButtons to give the company the ability to offer analyses with results pegged to the real world case.

January 2008 Engineering Sessions donates its idle computing time to the World Community Grid - computing projects to help conquer cancer, discover dengue (and related hepatitis C, West Nile, and Yellow fever) drugs, fight aids, etc.

November 2007 Nicholas Sessions gives a paper at the Esteq Engineering user conference

October 2007 Engineering Sessions purchases a quad-core 64bit 8GB RAM "Uber-Computer to strengthen our ability to run extremely-large-model EFD analyses"

May 2007 Engineering Sessions is contracted to Tellumat to perform thermal simulations and analysis on the experimental Development Model (XDM) for the KAT-SKA Project

March 2007 Engineering Sessions joins NAFEMS - The international association for the engineering analysis community.

November 2006 Nicholas Sessions attends Dr. Pieter Rousseau's Practical Thermal-Fluid System Simulation course.

June 2006 Nicholas Sessions becomes a MSC-Africa representative in the Western Cape.

January 2006 Nicholas Sessions expands into the analysis of stresses and strains by purchasing 3G.Author.

November 2005 Chris Sessions signs contract with Spirax Mitech for exclusive rights to distribute in the Africa region.

October 2005 Oliver Sessions is given large software project to write code for the English.

September 2005 granted dealership licenses to sell hardware and software

June 2005 CFD course with Alexander Sobashkin

March 2005 Paterson and Cooke Consulting Engineers are offering their 10th annual course on Slurry Pipeline Systems from the 15th to 18th March 2005. Nicholas Sessions is attending.

February 2005 EFD User Conference in Germany

February 2005 Engineering Sessions will be displaying at the Oil and Gas Africa Conference 2005, 22nd to 24th February 2005 held at the Sandton Convention Centre.

April 2004 Initial discussions regarding the formation of Engineering Sessions and the identification of CFD tools.

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